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Stump Removal by Grinding Machine

Stump Removal and Grinding | Allen-Dekalb Counties Indiana

Stump Removal

Tree Stump Grinding Cost

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Stump Removal by Grinding

Give us a call today because with all stumps: large or small we remove them all!

Pence Tree Service removes stumps by grinding the stump beneath ground level. Tree stump grinding stump removal method takes the least effort and does minimal amount of damage to the surrounding turf and yard. We can remove all stumps large or small: by grinding a tree stump. Jason Pence Tree Service’s stump grinder machines are a specialized pieces of equipment that have a fast-turning wheel with teeth that grinds stumps and roots into mulch. We have several stump grinders from large stump remover, to a smaller one that can drive through a 35″ fence gate. Are you wondering how much removing a stump might cost? Call us today and get an estimate!

Stump Removal

Upon contact for a free quote, we will arrive at your property promptly to conduct an inspection of all underground utilities, determine the size of the stump, location and stump accessibility before the removal process begins. Our stump grinder machines are designed to grind any stump regardless of the size. Our machine will easily maneuver through flowerbeds, fence gates, driveways or swimming pools, often accessing the tight spots and hard to reach places in a smooth and efficient manner. If your stump stands high above the ground, we will give it a low cut then use the preferred method of grinding the stump until it achieves the depth and area that is fit for removal. After the removal process, for an additional fee we can clean up all the grinding chips and haul them off or use them to back-fill the hole where the stump was removed for an enhanced landscape.

You can always count on us to provide a high-quality service in a timely manner. Our experienced operators will give an expert opinion for all your stump removal needs. Even when it comes to stumps that if removed could compromise the integrity of the slope or embankment, we will evaluate the situation and find a solution that solves the problem while minimizing the disturbance to the surrounding landscape.

Only a professional can do the job right. Make sure to contact us for all your stump removal service needs. Our friendly staff is waiting on you. We are committed to making your stump removal service a worry-free and convenient service that guarantees maximum satisfaction. Experience our tree removal service today to find out what makes us the best in the region.

removing stump

grinding a tree stump removal

Time to remove a stump? We have several stump grinders to handle almost any kind of stump removal job that might needed done. When it is time to a stump removed, give our tree service a call!

Way back in 1981, Jason Pence’s tree service career, started with helping his Grandpa Pfister with his stump grinding service. We have not forgotten our tree service’s ROOTS; stump removal is a big part of the tree cutting services we offer. Don’t hesitate to call for a free estimate to remove that pesky stump you want to get rid of. Our tree service can handle any kind of stump: HUGE, large, surface roots, stumps in fenced back yard, and stumps/roots to be removed on tight spots. We look forward to helping tree service customers with stumps only or ones with full tree and stump removal. Stumps large or small we want to grind them all!

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