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Professional tree removal services by Pence Tree Service.

Tree Removal Fort Wayne

Jason Pence Tree Service offers professional tree removal services. If you have a tree you need removed in the Fort Wayne Indiana area: we are your local Fort Wayne tree service! Call us anytime at (260) 627-2332 or we cut be reached toll free at 1-800-CUT-TREE


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We are here to for all of your tree removal needs! Is your tree dead, dangerous, hazardous, and/or large! We can handle the job.  Order a free estimate online.

Tree Removal Service Fort Wayne

Tree Removal Service Fort Wayne

Tree Removal Service Fort Wayne

Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal Service Fort Wayne, if that’s what you are looking for we are the tree company for you

Tree Removal Service Fort Wayne, Residential and Commercial: 24 Hour Emergency Service! Fully Insured/Free Estimates.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter! Every season brings a new look to your yard, and with each season your trees and shrubs are constantly changing their growth and shape.

Tree Removal Service Fort Wayne Protect your valuable investment: we at Jason Pence Tree Service can provide knowledgeable, experienced tree cutting service and at reasonable prices for tree service to assist you in dealing with the trees, shrubs and stumps on and around your property.

At Jason Pence Tree Service we are, ready to provide you with exceptional service. Your happiness is our number one concern. We can provide proof of insurance with every FREE estimate.

Our services include: Residential-Commercial, Removals, Trimming, Height Reduction, Stump Grinding, Thinning, 24-Hour Emergency Service

Since 1992, Jason Pence Tree Service has years of persistent service to the Fort Wayne area with our devoted team, we have gotten the reputation of an effective and timely tree removal service from our revered customers. All our workers are professionally competent and know their trade well. We stay up-to-date about the newest care and preservation requirements in our field. We go the additional mile for you and will offer you only the finest, longest-lasting benefits to your trees.

Our exceptional customer service, professionalism and experience of business knowledge set us apart from our competition.

We serve greater Fort Wayne Metropolitan Area, IN.

We also offer: Tree Removal, Stump and Root Grinding, Debris-Brush Hauling, Tree Removal Service, Tree Removal Company, Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming, Tree Service

Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding, Debris Hauling. Professional Tree service.

Phone: (260)627-2332

Fort Wayne, IN
Tree Removal Service Fort Wayne

Tree Removal Service Fort Wayne

Contact Info Phone: (260) 627-2332 Email: public (@)

Business Hours: 24 hour emergency tree service available! Business Hours: Monday through Friday,8am-8pm. Saturday, 8am-5pm. Sunday Closed




Tree Removal Service Fort Wayne

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a very difficult, problematic and complicated procedure, but it doesn’t always have to be. Our capable, well qualified and experienced professionals have everything it takes to complete your tree work quickly, carefully and efficiently.

For quick and competent tree removal, call today for your free estimate:

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

(260) 627-2332, 800-CUT-TREE (1-800-288-8733)

There’s no reason to put up with hazardous or dangerous trees around your home, especially when having them quickly removed is just a phone call away! Your unwanted trees can create a threat or a challenge in a variety of ways – this is why tree removal is sometimes necessary. Poorly maintained or overgrown trees can make your yard look poorly kept and cluttered with falling debris such as dead branches, leafs, limbs and twigs. Trees can also get in the way of new development projects such as the installation off a new driveway or the construction of a room addition, shed or other property improvement.

Overgrown trees can become entangled in, and dead trees can fall on, your home’s power lines or telephone wires, too, causing a possible electrical fire hazard. It doesn’t matter why you need a tree removal performed, all that matters is that you need your tree gone. You will appreciate the well-maintained look of your turf once your difficult tree is taken care of, and you know your home is more safe and secure. You will notice right away that our friendly experts are committed to bringing the best possible experience that they can, and that they’re appropriately equipped to safeguard a job well done.

If you choose Pence Tree Service for all of your tree removal needs, you’re picking an experienced, dedicated business that works hard to ensure your approval of our tree removal service.

When you select a servicer for your tree removal needs, it’s imperative that you’re able to feel at ease with your decision. We’ve been serving people just like you to attain the kinds of results that they need for years, and we have the experience. You’re sure to notice that we take a lot of pride in our various services, and that we’re careful to perform efficiently and safely time and again. We do everything that we can to deliver an incredibly simple, easy experience for every one of our valued clients.

If you find yourself in need of a tree removal company, you need to call us –

(260) 627-2332, 800-CUT-TREE (1-800-288-8733)

to arrange your free estimate.

You’ll appreciate how helpful and knowledgeable our professionals are, and you’ll see that they work hard to supply the professional tree removal services that you need. Whether it is our expert services, our kindly technicians, or our guaranteed results, you’re sure to be glad that you chose us. Give us a call right now to get started!

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Being the tree service contractor for all of your tree maintenance and removal needs takes a lot more than merely having the right equipment and the best qualified professionals. When you select us for all of your lawn’s needs, you’re picking a business that really cares about bringing an awesome customer experience that we are confident you will be enthralled with. Don’t delay another minute to get your difficult trees taken care of. Call us today to learn more!

We offer tree removal in Fort Wayne, Leo-Cedarville, Grabill, Auburn, Spencerville, Aboite Township, -Cedar Creek Township, Allen County Indiana, DeKalb County Indiana and North-East Indiana.

Local Professional Tree Service

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We serve many communities in the Fort Wayne Indiana area: Leo-Cedarville, St. Joseph Township, Aboite Township, Allen County Indiana, Dekalb County Indiana, Auburn, Harlan, Grabill, Spencerville Indiana, and many other Nort-East Indiana towns, neighborhoods and cities.